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Just a quick note to answer a question that has even been bothering me. Why am I writing about worship when we could be talking about Christians in culture, and the arts, and what not. I mean, isn’t that the focus of Renovo.

And the answer is that if we are to see a Renaissance, if we are to see God’s people rise up and take their place as leaders in the creative arts, if we are to tap into the creativity of the Creator, we have got to understand what worship is and what it is not.

See, when we get it, when we understand worship, then all those things that we are seeking are opened up to us. We are admonished to “seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added”. Actually, we added the word seek. The original Greek pretty much says “when we place the Kingdom of God first in our lives, when we place His righteousness first, then all these things will be added.”

So we have to get worship first. And the thing that has struck me is, before be can get worship, we have to understand what it is. Hence the discussion.

When I say that worship has be redefined for us, I mean that we only know what worship is today. Worship is that part of the service, or the singing, or the team, or whatever. But that absolutely is NOT the Biblical picture of worship. Worship is putting God first, it is seeking first His Kingdom and Righteousness. Music or not. Usually not.

In the temple, the singers were in the courts and gates. But only the priest went into the Holy of Holies. The gates were a place of thanksgiving and the courts a place of praise. Thanksgiving and praise are a part of worship. Saying we have “praise” and then “worship” separately is a ludicrous statement when we look at the Bible.

Worship is a heart attitude. I dont think it has ANYTHING to do with music (and I could be wrong here, this is my hypothesis). Thats part of what we will redefine coming up here in the next couple of posts.

But make no mistake, until we learn to Worship Him, we can’t lead the charge. When we DO learn how to worship, to be true worshippers…watch out.

All these things are coming.

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