Modern Art and the Death of a Culture

Modern Art and the Death of a Culture gets Renovo’s highest recommendation. Rookmaaker is, to the creative Christian, what Lombardi is to coaches and leadership gurus. Ok, maybe that metaphor falls flat but his books are indispensable resources.

H.R. Rookmaaker thought about all this stuff long before we even thought to think of it. This book is takes a lot of thinking to get through but its well worth it.

Any beginning art student should read this with Wikipedia (the ever accurate fount of knowledge) nearby. Rookmaaker throws around names and art pieces that we, honestly, should know but don’t.

He gives lots of examples of the art he is discussing but they are in black and white in this printing, so again, Internet at the ready.

This isnt just for artists, but all Christians should consider it required reading. Its a great foundation for learning how to impact our culture.

If you are not a seeker of truth, don’t bother. Rookmaaker is not always flowery in his criticism of the church. If you are on the path towards truth…do not fail to get this book. This book gets Renovo’s highest recommendation…what ever that is.


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