Redefining Worship: Step Two, Availability

When God wants to do something, he looks throughout the earth to find someone willing. When we worship, we are telling God, “Here I am, here I am, pick me, pick me!” He doesnt have to look far because he would trip over us just getting out of the throne room.

That, to me, is the heart of worship. The major word used in the Old Testament for worship is also translated bow, bow down, obeisance, reverence, and fall down. In the New Testament, the dominant word means to kiss the hand, bow on knees with the head to the ground; the root implies the word picture of a dog licking the masters hand.

If obedience is step one, then availability is step two.

We, in the church, often bandy about the verse that talks about waiting on the Lord. I like to think of it like God is a patron at a restaurant and we are the server, or, waiter. We stand (or bow to be precise) at the table edge and wait for Him to decide what He wants to order. Once he does order, our responsibility is to go get what He wanted. So we run back to the kitchen and put in the order. We might even make it ourselves so that it is perfect. Then we bring the order back to Him and present it to Him. Now we wait to see what He wants next.

Of course, with God, he usually orders everything off the side menu and we run and get this, then run and get that, and then run and get something else, fill a water glass, get something else…

Then we come to the table and He shows us a master spread that wasn’t on the menu but is an amazing feast. Then, to our delight He beckons us to join Him at the table.

But it starts with being obedient and available.

Here I am, pick me! Send me! Oooh oooh oooh, me. Lord!

Worship is bowing at the Master’s feet, willing and able to do what He desires. I’m not sure there is much else to it. We’ve made it so complicated, but obedience and availability are at the core of worship.  There are a few more steps but we would do well to do these two first.

Notice that we music or song is not anywhere near the picture yet. Our songs on Sundays are an act of worship, but they aren’t worship. If you haven’t worshipped Him all week, it’s too late to start Sunday morning. We need to be obedient and available all week so that we can come to the throne with the assembly and praise Him with one voice. But that’s another step.

We’re redefining worship. And it’s not music. It’s not song. It’s not a part of the service. It’s not a team. It’s not a gathering. It’s not a CD.

It’s an action and an attitude. It’s obedience and it’s availability.

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