Redefining Worship

I suppose that when I say redefining, I mean re-redefining. Worship has been redefined for us and we have to decide if we like the new definition or not. Personally, I think the direction that we got started on was fantastic, but either we got stagnant, or the enemy snuk in and mucked about.

Starting with the good. Worship has been redefined apart from a style of music or instrumentation. The guitar has *almost* universally (in America) ¬†been given a pardon from its status as satan’s tool. Drums are welcome (drummers are questionable. Just kidding…), bass is present, and singers arent defined by their range.¬†

However, we still have a long way to go. Worship is still seen as music, not a lifestyle. When we talk about worship, we immediately think of the “worship team”. Another phrase I’m beginning to take umbrage with. Perhaps this phrase got bandied about in churches where the “worship team” is the only group participating in worship. I think the term need to be done away with. In actuality, the “worship team” is a cover band so lets just call it a band. The church band.

See, worship happens on an individual level. Worship is me and God, me at God’s feet swearing fealty to Him and His kingdom. In truth, a “worship service” or the “worship part of the service” or the “first 15 minutes of a service” contain worship, praise, thanksgiving, and more. Or less. But the fact is, that we have broadened the word worship to where we are unclear of the original meaning.

Worship starts with obedience. That is the beginning. So lets start there in the redefinition. Worship begins with obedience.

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